We believe that the workplace should be a place of fun, meaning, and fulfillment where individuals can express themselves authentically and live by their values.

Building happier workplaces

Pilar has over ten years of experience in business, entrepreneurship, and social impact. She is passionate about leveraging technology for social good, creating solutions to reduce inequalities, and fostering human connection.

Before moving to the US, Pilar was actively involved in inspiring young people to rebuild peace in Colombia by helping victims of the war reconnect with their families and society and by building technology to foster economic opportunities.

Pilar is an active leader at the World Economic Forum, Global Shaper. Additionally, she is certified in new ventures leadership by the Massachusetts Technological Institute, MIT, and holds a B.S. in International Business and Marketing.

Pilar Zarate

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Dr. Stephanie Palacios

Dr. Stephanie Palacios has focused over a decade on guiding organizations, teams, groups, and individuals to assess and strengthen key mental wellbeing components in thinking & behavior to thrive in and out of the workplace. She has worked with organizations across the United States, Mexico, Brasil, Australia, and the United Kingdom, spanning corporate, private, government, academic, higher education, nonprofit, and community sectors.


Dr. Palacios holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and completed her post-doctorate at Harvard Medical School with a dual specialization in mindfulness and primary care behavioral health integration. She previously trained at Johns Hopkins University and Northwestern University.


Dr. Palacios is a first-generation American, proud daughter of Colombian and Mexican parents. She is quadrilingual, and for all her fellow MBTI enthusiasts out there, she’s an ENFP. 


The pandemic had a profound impact on the way we work and live. We rapidly adopted unusual ways of working that challenged our old ways of thinking. As a result, we were able to become more productive and resilient. These shifts affected not only the way we work but our perception of work. The feelings of loss, fear, loneliness, distance, and isolation reminded us of the importance of our relationships and the need to feel genuinely connected to ourselves, others, and the impact of our work.


We cannot go back to the old normal. And let's face it - would we want to if we could? Instead, let's step into the new modern workplace with open and ready minds, hearts, and action. Let's keep striving to cultivate workplaces where belonging, inclusion, and kindness grow ever stronger. As minorities, immigrants, women in technology, and first-generation Americans, it is important for us to participate in this endeavor - to build a better Future of Work. So we created Bonda. We use technology to bring new and fun ways to develop positive relationships across virtual and hybrid workplaces. Science shows us that this will enhance kindness, care, belonging, and compassion at work, all integral components of a thriving business.


With Bonda, we aim to help organizations around the world thrive by helping them build and sustain a workplace culture in which every person feels represented, valued, heard, cared for, and connected.

We cannot go back to the old normal

Pilar Zárate and Dr. Stephanie Palacios are Latinas, immigrants, and first-generation Americans united by their passion and commitment to improving workplace wellbeing through fostering connection and belonging.

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